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Online Private Throws Coaching

Online Private Throws Coaching

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Arete's Online Throws coaching is perfect for those who are not able to travel to Phoenix, AZ. 

This option has been quite useful for our international athletes!

TEAM OPTION: The Arete Online Throws Coaching is a great option for coaches who have 2 to 3 more experienced throwers on the team and you are seeking a mini throws camp training session. (details can be discussed in your phone consultation with Coach Johnson)

Some coaching sessions may be more than one athlete, however, no more than 3 athletes*

At each coaching session you will receive:

  • An in-depth analysis of the athlete’s technique
  • Identify exactly where in the throw there are technical weaknesses
  • Immediate adjustments that usually result in PRs within the session
  • and learning how to utilize the TCR™ system for maximum results
  • 1 Athlete: $150 /90min to 2hr min per session pending on # of athletes
  • ** Team Option call before purchasing for more info

No quantity limits on Online Throws Coaching
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