Throws Video Analysis

$40.00 USD $65.00

Whether you’re a beginner, or you’ve been around the throwing sector a few years, a video analysis is a powerful way to get a skilled pair of eyes on your throw, or your athlete’s throw if you are a coach.

Once you submit your videos, Coach Johnson will apply his Neo skills 😎 (yes, that’s a Matrix reference) and will begin to analyze each micro movement of the throw, noting any missed opportunities in technique, strength levels, positions…. basically everything right down to the nucleus of the throw.

You will then receive your video back with a comprehensive plan of attack. 

TCR Members: As members of the TCR system, your video analysis will have an action plan using specific drills found only in the TCR® system!

You will receive valuable coaching cues of what drills to use, what adjustments to make, and anything else that is needed to unleash your biggest throw yet!